This place is awesome for LUNCH!!! Really great food and clean kitchen. Service guys so nice ! I was surprised to eat for only 10 dollars. Thank you and I’ll be back again and again !!! See you soon)

Mike Yukon

Love the food! I am dairy free and gluten free. So happy to have healthy organic choices for a great price! Today I had a Spring Turkey wrap in lettuce and a Chia Dream Pudding for $12.58!! Great, friendly, knowledgeable staff! The yoga room with salt walls and salt cave are amazing with so many health benefits. Many different classes offered yoga, qigong, drum circles, and Tibetan Bowl meditation.
Also many supplements, gemstone jewellery, books, and many, many different Himalayan salt products. Different lamps, shapes and sizes, bath salts, soap, cooking plate, foot detox and so much more!! Easy to get to location in Quarry Park!

Rhonda Bruce

The power bowls at the cafe are amazing! So many great vegetarian options. I had never tried a hot elixir before and they are delicious. It’s so great to have a place like this nearby where everything is organic. And you can eat lunch for under $10. Well done joy and Vitality!

Sarah N


Joy and Vitality Centre offers innovative living cuisine featuring nutritious and creative dishes to be enjoyed daily by everyone, including vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions. Our living cuisine means preserving the precious enzymes in our food by ensuring nothing is heated over 118 degrees. Our chefs prepare each item fresh daily using only the finest organic ingredients without MSG or GMOs. In paying attention to great taste, Joy and Vitality draws influence from many global culinary traditions and hopes to encourage a wider population to experience the healthy world of living cuisine in a fresh new way.

We serve our living cuisine in an inviting quick-serve cafe, offering entrees, snacks, house-made chocolates, raw cakes & power balls, sandwiches, smoothies, cold pressed juices, fresh juices, teas, tonics and elixirs. We believe sweets should be guilt-free simple pleasures enjoyed daily, so we feature delicious gluten-free desserts created with nutritious organic and seasonal ingredients. As well, our Lifefood Organics recipes are packed with SUPERFOODS containing large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals designed to heal and rejuvenate your body.

We are so happy to have Yana on our team!  Yana loves to prepare fresh, living food for people and says “it makes her feel happy making other people happy.” According to her, the best part is that she doesn’t have to say anything… when someone takes a bite from what she’s made for them, the smile on their face says it all!

Nutritious food is essential for good health, joy and vitality, so come see what’s on the menu!