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Class Descriptions

Hot Mess Buti

Buti yoga is the newest yoga trend! It’s a cardio intensive class combining power flow yoga, tribal dance, deep abdominal work and plyometrics to sculpt both your body and your soul! No experience is necessary for this class and it’s suitable for beginners. It’s not suitable for women in their first trimester of pregnancy but safe for those in their second or third trimester.

Power Flow

Power Flow is a fun and energetic class aimed at synchronizing your breath with your movement. You will flow through various postures allowing you to engage in a cardiovascular, strength based and total balancing experience. During this class you will tone your muscles, cleanse your body and calm your mind. Power flow incorporates more challenging postures, but all levels are welcome as modifications are always offered for you to build on.

Core Flow

This class safely strengthens the body through Vinyasa Flow while concentrating on the alignment, toning and engagement of every muscle within the core: the obliques, abdominals and the lower back muscles. Training these muscles not only improves posture and enables a strong support system for the spine, but also helps maintain balance and strength within the body. This class will strengthen and lengthen the body, while improving overall flexibility, stability and activating every core muscle. All levels and modifications are welcome, some experience is recommended.

Traditional Healing

This class consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Traditional Healing will work your entire body – every organ, bone, joint, muscle, ligament, tendon and gland. It builds your flexibility and strength, leaving you de-stressed and able to cope better with daily life. Suitable for all levels.

Recovery Yin

This class will help you recover from other activities or injuries. Yin Yoga is a powerful practice targeting tendons, ligaments and fascia within the body. The benefits of a Yin practice are to increase or maintain mobility in your joints, increase your mental focus and improve the flow of energy in your body. Expect long holds, in deep supported postures.

Kundalini Yoga

Breakthrough into your fullest potential for life and joy with the power of Kundalini Yoga. This ancient technology works not only with your body, but also with your mind. On the physical level, it revitalizes the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, muscular, immune, nervous and reproductive systems. On the subtle level, it creates a space for deep healing, building inner strength and rebirthing into an empowered, creative and vibrant YOU. Kundalini Yoga uses a synergy of breathing techniques, postures, rhythmic movements, mantras, attentive awareness and meditation.

Sound Bath Meditation

Come lay down, relax, and bathe in the soothing sounds of crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, and tuning forks. It’s the perfect setting to support the process of natural healing in the body and mind. A Sound Bath is an improvised, meditative concert that supports states of deep relaxation where stress release and healing can occur. A gentle and yet powerful experience for the mind and body, this class begins and ends with a short, guided meditation.

Yoga For Stress Relief

This is a perfect class when you’re feeling stressed but you need to feel calm and relaxed.  Through the first part of class you’ll flow through postures that will increase your heart rate and engage your muscles!  A fantastic way to burn away stress!  You’ll finish off class with some calming pranayma (breath work) and a brief meditation. Modifications will be offered, props used, and students are encouraged to individualize their practice while being led in a group setting. You will leave this class feeling calm and relaxed.

Yoga For Pain Relief

Yoga For Pain Relief is a healing modality which combines healing yoga, massage therapy and physio therapy to work deep into your body, enabling you to relieve stress, tension, and pain, leaving you feeling lighter and more free in your own body.

Migraine Healing
Nerve Support
Increased Circulation
Diabetic Circulation
Sciatica, Leg & hip Pain
Back & Neck Release
TMJ Release (Teeth Grinding, Jaw stiffness)
Decreased Muscle Soreness
Increased Muscle Function
Release Toxins
Deep Relaxation
Improved Postural Alignment

Yoga For Pain Relief is a practice of Self Healing using therapy balls to target self-massage trigger points, lead by a Myofascial Release Yoga Certified Insructor

Restorative Yoga with Sound Healing

In this restorative class, you’ll move into gentle, supported postures designed to release physical, mental and emotional tension through passive stretching. Your body will be supported by props, allowing a relaxing opening into the body while finding yourself bathed in the soothing and healing vibrations of crystal bowls.

Yoga Nidra

This class is also known as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness. It’s intended to induce full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness – thirty minutes of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to four hours of sleep! If you’re interested in a journey of self discovery, this class is for you. Suitable for all levels.

Star Kids Yoga

This class is for kids aged 4-12. Children receive so many benefits when they practice yoga – increased strength, balance, coordination and flexibility with a reduction in pain, aggression, anxiety, obsessive and self-stimulatory behaviors. Children will be more in control of regulating anxiety and emotions, while experiencing the joy of sharing class with others and making new friends.

Star Kids Qigong and Drums

This class is for kids 4-11 years old. Empower your children with fun, fitness, and self esteem! Qi Gong combines meditation, movement and breath into a series of kid friendly exercises to integrate the mind and body, strengthen the musculoskeletal system, and synchronize the right and left brain. It can increase focus, improve mental and physical abilities, relieve aggression, and promote relaxation and healthier emotional coping mechanisms. Drumming is a wonderful therapy for relieving stress, helping with depression, boosting creativity, improving hand-eye coordination, helping cognitive function, enhancing the immune system, reducing anxiety, balancing blood pressure, increasing energy and getting better sleep. These are just some of the benefits! No experience is necessary.

Kids Art Class

Children of all ages, including those with special needs, may not yet have the language skills to express themselves, but they still have a voice. Expressive arts awakens a child’s imagination and creativity, helping them discover who they are and how to engage their senses. Art also brings a sense of calm to the body and positively impacts the mindset, interpretation of surroundings and emotional state. Putting their feelings into a poem, song or painting gives children a safe outlet for negative emotions through an enjoyable activity, accelerating the healing and growth process.

Rejuvenating QiGong and Tao Yoga

Rejuvenate your Inner Organs, Revive your Immune system, Calm your Mind, Cultivate your energy, prevent diseases. Harness the healing power that will help your mind and body achieve the harmony of true health and live to your full potential.

Qigong meditations method was developed a long time ago by Chinese Taoist monks in mountain monasteries striving to detoxify, strengthen, and refine the body to carry the energy to perform the highest levels of spiritual practices. It continues to be used by spiritual seekers as well as by people who are searching for greater health and well-being.
Breath is the bridge of communication between all levels of awareness. It increases awareness of our deeper selves, crystallized in our bones. We are gradually going to learn a wide range of Qigong exercises, including warm ups, connecting to the 3 Universal sources of energy, Earth Qigong, Tree Qigong, Kidney breathing , Kidney packing, some Iron Shirt Qigong, Inner Smile meditation, 6 Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit, and Bone-Breathing.

Some main benefits to this practice: cultivate and build Water/Kidney energy, which gives us our vital force, indispensable for longevity and metabolic strength. Rejuvenate Inner Organs by becoming aware of emotional charges and ‘wash’ them away. Cleanse from stress hormones Balancing emotions enriching the blood and making it more alkaline – original purpose of Bone-Breathing. Thousands of years ago Taoist Chinese masters discovered that fortifying our blood by breathing into the bones can help produce new red and white blood cells in the marrow. As the body ages and people are more sedentary blood production slows down and the bone marrow gradually turns into fat. Strengthening our bones. Bones are very much alive and are very active organs – there is a constant calcium metabolism releasing and restoring calcium reserves in the bones. By feeling and increasing the energy flow in our bones we are able to strengthen our bones even more efficiently then just by physical exersize.

Deep relaxation. In order to actually feel the bones we have to decontract everything around and on top of them, which makes the Bone-Breathing exercise one of the most relaxing techniques there is. detoxifying restructuring and strengthening, bringing self-awareness grounding invigorating ( as the Qi flows freely through the body without blockages or restrictions ) reconnecting us to our physical bodies and to our own inner power to heal ourselves. Anybody who is feeling exhausted, low energy, with accumulated tension, stress, osteoporosis, any kind of arthritis, any inflammation in the body, people who have troubles trying to release body tension and to let go of the emotional changes in their body will benefit greatly from this practice.

Each of us is responsible for our own health. By guiding and following the breath it becomes a back bone of our healing and allows us to live our lives with less effort and to our full potential. Please bring with you a yoga mat, a few yoga blocks if you have them, and wear comfortable clothes.