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The Detox Program at Joy and Vitality Centre includes a powerful cleansing process that helps your body to release accumulated toxins, stress and restore your natural state of balance and calm.

The program is balanced, natural and effective, creates a situation in which the body’s detoxification system becomes stronger and stronger as time goes on. Thus the body can detoxify itself effectively even after the detox treatment is over.

Immediate and Long Term Benefits

The program provides immediate and long term benefits to anyone seeking improved health and vitality, including:

• Flushing out toxins from your body
• Improving digestion and increased metabolism
• Restoring your constitutional harmony thereby improving health and wellness
• Neutralize the negative effects of stress
• Boosts energy levels and gives you a clear mind
• Strengthens the immune system and builds a resilient you


Instructor: Cara Marshall, Anam Cara ~ Your Soul Friend
Co-instructor: Tracey MacLellan, Sea Wolf Wellness

Are you ready to DETOX and radically improve your health, vitality and overall well-being? 

This program can be fit into a busy schedule and many of the maintenance tools have been selected not only for ease but for effectiveness as well. 

Program Benefits: Increased Energy, Weight Loss, Improved Digestion, Improved Skin Clarity, Joint Pain Relief, Mental Clarity,

Detoxification is the first step in achieving wellness and vitality.  At  Joy + Vitality, our 4-Week DETOX PROGRAM kick starts your body’s natural ability to identify with, neutralize and eliminate the toxins you are exposed to on a regular basis in life.  Toxins not only include harmful chemicals in the environment, food, water and air, but also the social, emotional and spiritual challenges that affect your well-being.  Your body’s natural detoxification system may become overburdened and strained by these toxins and you may begin to notice the following symptoms:

  • Depression
  • Digestive problems, and/or
  • Aches and pains
  • Low energy/fatigue
  • Poor concentration/memory
  • Strong food cravings

To minimize toxic overburden, here at Joy & Vitality, we believe in a holistic gentle 4-week detoxification approach focusing on 5 components; exercise, nutrition, body work, skin elimination, and breathe. This program is designed to help restore the body’s natural balance and rejuvenation process, thus increasing energy, boosting vitality, stimulating cellular repair and organ function, and bringing back mental clarity.  Participants will take away new ideas and tools to maintain their well-being, and will arrive home feeling lighter, stronger and revitalized in mind, body, and soul.

Program details include:

4 - 2hr classroom instruction, including a specialized detox pranayama class

4 - 1 hr Yoga classes (once per week)

3 - Day Juice Cleanse, along with nutritional guidance

1 - Tibetan Bowl Message (to realign your energy)

4 - 30minute Salt Cave sessions, (once per week)

Weekly handouts, recipes and session outlines

10% discount at the cafe and store during your program dates.

Receive classroom information handouts each week.

week 1 - Digestion, Salt Detox, Juicing, Healthy Recipes

week 2 - Pranayama Detox handout, Healthy Recipes

week 3 - Information handouts related to all topics discussed, Healthy Recipes

week 4 - Information handouts, Shopping list sample, Healthy Recipes

10% discount at the cafe and store during the program dates

Week 1
Detox information, General overview of Nutrition and how it effects the Body, Stress, Digestion, Juicing, Herbal Cleanses, Salt Detox (Salt Cave, Lamps, Baths) and Food Journals. Receive your 3-Day Juice Cleanse Kit.
Week 2
Detoxification through Yoga and Pranayama. Instructor/Teacher is Tracey MacLellan, from Sea Wolf Wellness.  We will be doing a pranayama class, so please dress in comfortable clothes for yoga practice.
Week 3
We will review your food journal, and discuss topics such as Gluten, Soy, Omegas and Fat, Salt Sugar, and Dairy products.
Week 4
We will discuss Food Labels, Condiments, Product (Brands), Shopping, and Mind Body Connection.  Wrap up with sharing circle.

10% discounted NEW YOU Program enrolment, if signed up within 1 month following completion of DETOX Program.