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Joy and Vitality Instructors

Our desire is to partner with the best instructors in the city! Great people who share our core values, love others, and value the health and wellness of their body and soul.

Lisa Knapik

Like so many, I turned to yoga as a form of exercise – a way to strengthen my inactive body after a battle with chronic pain. I went to my first class looking to find a way to strengthen my body, but what I found was so much more than I could have imagined. When I stepped onto my mat for the first time, I found a sense of calm and a connection to my body and emotions in a way I had never been able to feel before. A way to tune in, let go of the stress and chaos of life, and connect with how I truly felt. I cried, I felt weak, and I felt completely empowered and whole for the first time in my life. I felt like I was me. Worthy.
That was the beginning of a sporadic yoga practice. Fast forward a few years, and I bought an intro month of unlimited yoga and the rest was history. When I finally decided to stop dancing around what I knew I wanted and needed and commit to it, I found my center in a way I didn’t know was possible. I quickly fell in love with all things yoga. With the movement, with the calm, the strength, the softness, the breaking open, and the tuning into my body and soul. The more classes I took, the more I wanted to attend. I found myself going to classes once and twice daily. Life shifted and changed as I turned to yoga as my therapy, my safe space and my place where I could truly feel and let myself be raw. It was then that I knew this was my passion and my calling. I found the magic in yoga, and I wanted so desperately to be able to share that with the world. It took me a bit to commit to my Teacher Training, but the second I did, I knew it was right.
I took my 200RYT training through the Alberta Yoga College. My training is Iyengar based, which gave me a strong and safe alignment focused style. I take joy in teaching all ages and levels of yoga and am trained in many styles. Falling in love with all things yoga more and more every day, I continue to learn and grow as a teacher. Like all aspects of my life, my classes are fun, powerful and heartfelt.

Rachel Cadrin

I have always been passionate about living an active, healthy life style. I grew up dancing and competing in Track and Field, so when I was introduced to yoga it was the perfect fit for my life. When I was 18, I had my second knee surgery and had to give up dance and track – I was devastated. During this time, yoga was my saving grace and I became immersed in it as a means of healing my body and soul.

I have been practicing yoga for the last 10 years and am a 400 hr RYT certified to teach Buti yoga. I feel a lightness in my heart when I am practicing yoga and it is my wish to share yoga with others.

Rhonda Bruce

I am super excited to share Qi Gong and Drum Circles with you at Joy and Vitality Centre!
My passion is helping others holistically, body, mind + spirit, while having FUN! I have been leading and sharing Medical Qi Gong for five years. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis years ago and Qi Gong has been very beneficial in helping my body, mind and spirit heal.
I have been facilitating drum circles around southern Alberta and BC for 4 years now. I went through depression while going through a divorce and both drum circles and Qi Gong were key components in helping me through it. I also became a fitness instructor at 51 years of age. My hope is to show others that you CAN move your body despite health challenges, feel empowered, and have fun doing it! We will keep you posted about a fun new way for mature women to feel fabulous while working out with Bellyfit Sage! I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Lindsay Brandon

Lindsay Brandon 200Hr RYT is a yoga instructor and artist from Calgary, Alberta. Her yoga practise began fifteen years ago with the pregnancy of her first child. She has been teaching Hatha yoga for the past five years to diverse populations. She values the importance of each of her participants learning to connect with their intuitive guide during their yoga practice – moving with ones’ breath while exploring the postures to connect and learn about the state of their bodies and the qualities of their minds.

She’s also a graduate of Alberta College of Art & Design and teaches artistic techniques to children and seniors. Her goal is to awaken the divine creative force in her participants and provide a platform for people to discover their own inner artist.

Melissa Slater

My yoga journey began by accident thirteen years ago, shortly after the birth of my second child. I tried a yoga class out of curiosity and was immediately hooked! The idea of a practice that could encompass physical, mental and spiritual health spoke to me deeply. I developed a strong home practice, but have always desired to share the gift of yoga.

I completed my 200 hour Hatha Method from Breathe in May 2016. The intrinsic benefits of yoga shine through me; providing me energy to chase after my kids, care for my many pets and show compassion and non-judgement in my daily life.

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.” – Anonymous

Linda Varro

Linda Varro lives in Calgary and is a Qi Gong instructor (Eight Silk Brocades style) as well as a mediator/coach/facilitator in conflict resolution. She values health and wellness, and Qi Gong forms an important part of that. As a healing practice, Qi Gong helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation – very needed in our busy lives. Her degree in Psychology and certificates in Adult Education work well in both fields.

She began Qi Gong classes three years ago and trained as an instructor under Mario Argento in 2016 (formerly of 7th Chakra; founder of Qi Gong Calgary meetup) and completed the Fai Chi Healing Level 1 in November and Fai Chi Healing Level 2 in January 2017 under Master Teresa (7th Happiness School of Qi Gong). She also practices yoga.

Svitlana Sabourin

Svitlana is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She fell in love with the ‘yoga of self-awareness’ since first hearing the sounds of the sacred mantra music and experiencing for herself the power of being in touch with the deepest levels of own being. Since then, she has accumulated over 600 hours of Kundalini yoga related training with the top senior teachers in this field.

Svitlana is also a dedicated practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and meditation and has given many talks on Buddhist topics, and taken part in numerous retreats over the years. She aims to use her training and experience to bring students closer to the true nature of their being and help them discover for themselves the source of lasting happiness and joy. Her radiance, passion and enthusiasm are a gift she has, uplifting students into their own unique divinity so they can prosper and be happy in these challenging times.

Svitlana is certified in a number of alternative therapies that help her create a potent transformative space in her classes: Qi Gong, Integrative Chakra Therapy, Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, Sat Nam Rasayan and Reiki Mastery. In her free time, Svitlana likes to dance, practice the art of Inner Kung Fu, be active in nature, travel and enjoy the company of friends. She’s an avid student of Ayurveda, a sister science of yoga, and loves to infuse the wisdom of Ayurveda into her daily life.

Sara Lyn

Having a strong personal yoga practice for over ten years, Sara knows all the amazing benefits to a regular practice. Having been introduced to yoga by a close friend, she felt both the physical ease the mental calm and clarity that yoga gives. Yoga assisted in the healing of some serious injuries and continues to support her body, mind and soul!

As both a teacher and a student, yoga has become a source of strength and healing from the inside out. As Sara has become more flexible in her body, she has also become more flexible in her mind. Having struggled with A.D.D. for most of her life, Vinyasa Flow yoga turned into a moving meditation and Sara has learned, and continues to learn, about the power of your own body, mind and breath – leaving your body and mind calm and energized.

Sara teaches a Vinyasa Flow class that aims to create a kind and safe space where every body can feel good about trying new things. She always teaches with compassion and believes a yoga practice can be beneficial for anyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, health status, or flexibility.

When Sara is not in the yoga studio, she’s climbing mountains or out on the water! As well as teaching yoga in the studio, Sara teaches yoga on stand up paddle boards in the summer. Her creativity, humour and zest for life is contagious and Sara is grateful to be able to inspire, affect change and help transform lives through yoga!

Tracey MacLellan


I’m Tracey MacLellan and I’m so grateful to share the importance of breath with you through programs offered at the amazing Joy and Vitality Centre. Breathing is an integral part of our wellness and is vital to our survival. It’s our anchor and our gateway to living a healthy and joyful life!

My journey and awareness of the importance of breath began with my younger brother’s struggle with childhood asthma and my grandmother’s end of life ventilation for acute respiratory failure. She stayed alive on a machine for over a month and I got to know our local respiratory therapist who treated both of my family members. She encouraged me to pursue a career in respiratory therapy. I graduated at SAIT in 1997 and worked at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Paediatric and Adult Homecare as well as an Asthma Wellness Program and Peds Asthma Clinic over the past two decades. Kids have always been a passion of mine and perhaps that’s why I’ve been blessed with four fantastic ones of my own!

I studied Kundalini yoga in 2012 and obtained my 200hrs Instructor Level 1. I have been fascinated by how the awareness achieved through this ancient style of yoga can help with overall health and well being. It’s a science and technology I use to create awareness of how we have the tools to heal and regulate our bodies through pranayama, kriyas and mantra/meditation. Kundalini is a tool to help quickly self regulate and work on living in a healthier frequency. I furthered my study with Level 2 training courses, Radiant Child Yoga & Yoga for Youth and in2014 I studied Buetyko Breathing Instructor Training to expand my knowledge of the power of breath. I trained also as a Rainbows facilitator for children who have suffered loss and grief. The importance of how respiratory health, awareness and understanding can decrease stress and increase vitality is something I hope to share with you in the programs offered at the centre!

Keara Henning

I began my yoga journey at the age of thirteen. I loved the practice of yoga, and I really found that the things I was learning on my mat were also showing up in my life. This really excited me and created a lot of curiosity. I always enjoyed yoga as a hobby and didn’t really see myself as someone who would teach, but when I was eighteen my mom signed me and herself up for a yoga teacher training and I have been in LOVE with teaching ever since! I’m excited to continue to learn more about myself through the practice of doing yoga and teaching yoga.

I can’t wait to meet you all and grow with you in this new space! I am beyond excited!

Massive love, Keara

Danny De Frias

No stranger to creating his own path, Danny left the corporate world to become a yoga teacher. Danny now lives his mantra everyday: chill out, have fun and smile more.

Danny is a RYT 500 certified yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for almost fifteen years. Danny’s classes are breath-driven and energetic with mindful attention given to body alignment and developing strength, flexibility and balance.

Danny now calls Calgary his home and loves road trips in his restored VW Westfalia van.

Cara Marshall

Cara Marshall is a spiritual teacher and intuitive wellness practitioner. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and is registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. Her training includes Reiki, Shamanism, Cranial Sacral, Visceral Manipulation, Nutrition, Nia and Psychosomatics. During her spiritual journey she also awakened her innate abilities as a medium, psychic and intuitive. She works with crystals, herbs, and essential oils, infusing their healing benefits into both her daily life and her sessions, classes and workshops.

I believe we all ‘awaken’ at some point in our lives…and how that occurs is unique for each and every one of us. For me, it occurred in stages. First was the re-awakening of my physical body through exercise and nutrition. I couldn’t get enough… I was feeling alive, healthy, mentally clear and was loving my mind-body connection. Little did I know there was a soul aspect as well… I lost my sister, in the physical form, and found myself looking for answers about the soul and ‘heaven’. Through this soul searching, doors started opening for me. I began attending spiritual classes and workshops and started opening up to mediumship, intuition, energy, chakras, etc… The internal growth was exponential. I discovered there was more to ME than I had been living. It was time to follow this new passion for life and share my experiences. I left my engineering career of 15 years and opened a business, Anam Cara ~ Your Soul Friend, where I could help others find joy through mind, body, and soul connection, all while continuing on my journey in the school of life.

I enjoy a good book, soaking in a bath, hiking, camping, swimming, sitting by any body of water, teaching and connecting with people of ANY AGE! I’m fascinated with listening to other people’s journeys… My heart immediately opens wide and I get happy inside. I am grateful my work allows me to experience this on a regular basis.


Sarah Novak

Sarah is excited to meet the students who will be joining us at the Joy and Vitality yoga studio. She has contagious energy and is happy to chat about all things yoga! She has a regular yoga practice and also enjoys teaching. She finished two yoga training courses in the last year and is always keen to learn and share her knowledge with anyone she meets. Yoga has been an integral part of Sarah’s mind and body health, healing her physically and emotionally. When Sarah isn’t at the studio, she’s on adventures with her two dogs, having fun, and trying to live her best life.

Dawn Thiessen

Dawn is an active and adventurous woman who loves the tranquility nature offers her when she’s out in the mountains hiking, paddle boarding or doing yoga! Dawn enjoys meeting new people and prides herself on exceeding customer’s expectations – always with a smile!