Updates: store front will be open 10-6pm - MON-SAT. sunday - off - (supplements, oils, free consultations, superfoods, oracle cards, everything for mind~body~soul - 5 people max capacity to keep social distance salt booth halotherapy- 1 person at the time Samantha, Rachel, Keven, Emma will be doing Live Videos on mental health support Marie Miranda - Medical medium Live Videos Assistance Julie Robinson- live video psychic readings Eugenia- supplements and immune support Eugenia will be teaching free chakra series Live as well All live videos - FREE to assist you from our hearts you are our family and we are beyond happy to be with you Donation food box already set and we have some foods in already, thank you Keven Munro for donation we love you. If you want us to deliver you supplements please contact us and we will be happy to do so. If you have any questions on supplements or anything please contact us, Eugenia and Sergei will be at the centre 10-6 Mon to Sat; and Emma, Rachel, Keven, Samantha, Marie, Julie - virtually

Escape to Joy and Vitality Centre – Calgary’s first Self Care Club for everyone

♥ Our goal is that Joy and Vitality Centre will meet or exceed your expectations, instill well-being, and fulfill even the unexpressed wishes and needs your body and soul desires. We pledge to provide the finest benefits of personal service and facilities, meaning you will always enjoy a distinct, joyful, warm, easy and relaxed experience.

Self Care Services we offer:

♥ Salt Cave (Halotherapy)
♥ Yoga for All Walks of Life – Very Beginner Friendly (not fitness yoga)
♥ Massage Therapy (RMT)
♥ Mediumship, Angel Cards Readings, Medical Medium
♥ Crystals
♥ Reiki
♥ Crystal Healing
♥ Supplements, Superfoods, Sport Nutrition
♥ Essential Oils
♥ Make up and Cosmetics
♥ Tibetan Bowl 101 Therapy
♥ Sound Bath (Sound Healing Meditation)
♥ Public Workshops and Events ,101 Concealing, Private Events
♥ Nutritionist on side

Cafeteria (Wholesome Smoothies, Sandwiches, Clean Keto Options, Juice Cleanses)



Popular TreatmentS and Services

Many people swear by yoga and its benefits for good reason. A new body of scientific research is backing their claims and unearthing the actual mental, physical, and biological effects of yoga therapy.

Halotherapy, a healing therapy practiced in ancient Greece, is now growing in popularity in the United States. Also called salt therapy, it’s said to have many health benefits as well. At Joy and Vitality Centre, we combine the benefits of salt therapy and yoga for a win-win.

Salt therapy, also referred to as Halotherapy, is a drug-free holistic therapy that recreates the microclimate of a salt cave and helps treat respiratory conditions such as cold, flu, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, sinus infections, sinusitis, rhinitis, hay fever and emphysema. In addition, the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of salt therapy effectively treat skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Salt therapy can dramatically enhance sports and singing performance while improving lung function by increasing lung capacity and stamina. There are no side effects and it also helps build your immune system.

Sound therapy combines powerful vibration and tones to induce an immediate relaxed state. The induction of the sound waves directly into the body, along with soothing ambient tones, is such a strong treatment that clients report effects ranging from a meditative state to deep relaxation. By placing the therapeutic singing bowls directly on the body using correct techniques, our practitioner engages with you both physically and aurally.

We accumulate toxins in our bodies from chemicals in our homes, cars, work environments and food. These toxins cause damage to our cells, and result in sickness and disease in our bodies. For this reason, many health professionals recommend purging your bodies multiple times per year of these toxins, through various methods. One such method is known as a juice cleanse or juice fast.

During a juice cleanse, many people experience dramatic weight loss, restoration of energy levels, a breaking of addictions to sugar, caffeine or alcohol, the resolution of skin problems and much more! Once toxins leave your body, it will be able to function at a capacity many people forgot they once had!

We provide huge savings on thousands of products and only stock quality brands we know and trust. We hunt down unique, up-and-coming products and sort through the hoopla to offer you the best products for less. Our staff attend weekly training sessions to keep abreast of the latest products and nutrition research. We’re here to answer questions and help you find the right nutritional products for your needs.

Join us for events, workshops, special programs. Our Promise to you is Happier, Healthier and Stronger You as soon as You step in. You get HEALTHY, You stay ROBUST and Live Life to its Fullest!


This heavenly boutique is right in our back yard! The salt cave sessions make you feel like a million bucks (but don’t cost that !), the yoga studio’s walls are covered in beautifully lighted Himalayan salt crystals, the vitamin store….the café filled with delectable treats (all homemade….all healthy…..but keep this part a secret)….simply DIVINE….if you’re looking for holiday gift ideas make sure you remember to pick something up for your stocking while you’re at it!!!! I forgot to mention the lovely family that owns this business! oh and so much more…..

Audrey Muskovitch

Absolutely amazing owners and staff who really care about the community and are dedicated to educating people on health and wellness, I couldn’t have asked for anything better! The space is not only beautiful and inviting, but they have an amazing assortment of health foods and supplements to choose from, a delicious health café, a salt cave, and beautiful jewelry spanning from bracelets to health rocks. I have yet to see another yoga studio/salt cave therapy/health food store/nutrition café in Calgary! JVC is doing an amazing job and I would highly recommend your daily practice be here!

Jenn Matwychuk

Love their energy, everything they offer, classes, yoga, nutritional goods and the positive feeling you feel when you enter! You must try the healing salt room! It’s amazing!

Karen Neuls

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