Access Consciouness Bars Therapy (RMT) – working with all benefits! in the Himalayan Salt Room with Halotherapy! 

Joy and Vitality Centre is proud to announce that we are a 2021, 2022

and 2023 Top Choice Award WINNERAlternative Health and Wellness Center in Calgary!

Tanis Leblanc has been a Craniosacral Therapist for 15 years. She has studied with the Upledger Institute from Miami and went on to learn Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy from New Zealand, as well. Tanis has Advanced Clinical 3000 hour Massage Therapy Diploma

It is a set of life-changing techniques, tools and processes that are designed to empower you to create the life you desire.
We have 32 points on our head that when touched gently stimulate and defragment the electromagnetic components caused by stress, negative thoughts, and emotions.
This gentle, non-invasive technique releases physical and mental blocks that have been stored for a long time helping it easier in all areas of your life.
It has been founded by Gary Douglas over 35 years ago, and it is currently practiced in more than 180 countries, by more than 100,000 trained facilitators.
The effects of ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BARS ® are scientifically proven by Dr. Terrie Hope, Ph.D., DNM and CFMW describing how the results of an approximately 60-minute ACCESS BARS session indicated a significant drop in the severity of depression and anxiety.
There are 32 points on our head, when touched slightly:
✔️Would help to eliminate thoughts, feelings and emotions and allow us to function from the lightness of perceiving, knowing, being and receiving
✔️Allows receiving without obligation and consideration
✔️Dissipates electric charge of polarity as it is stored in the brain
✔️Allows awareness instead of functioning from autopilot
✔️Deletes stuff stored lifetime after lifetime
✔️Change behavioral patterns, beliefs, points of views
✔️Changes the probabilities of future possibilities
Allow yourself to hide away for a moment.
Allow yourself to relax. Most importantly, allow yourself to take care of yourself.

 60 min – 135.00 – in person in the Himalayan Salt Room (with Halotherapy) – RMT – WORKING WITH ALL BENEFITS! 

We require that you notify us of cancellations twenty-four hours prior to your spa appointment and/or class. Late cancellations or no shows will be billed, the full value of the service reserved, to the credit card on file.