Have you ever wondered how to advance your yoga practice? Or wondered if that’s even possible? Maybe you’re naturally not a flexible person and think you’ll never get to those advanced bendy poses or perhaps you can’t find the time to practice enough to see progress. Here are five suggestions we’ve found to help you advance in your yoga practice.

1. Don’t focus on the end result

What are your personal goals for your practice? What is the motivation behind your goals? Try to focus more on the feelings of health and strength you get from yoga, not a checklist of poses you can accomplish. Keep your eyes on what’s present; the here and now. Where you are now, where you’ve come and how good you feel. The end goal is actually irrelevant when you keep this perspective. Remember, your goals may change as you grow and advance, so keep it interesting and focus on your life and practice right now.

2. Try a different style of yoga to switch it up

If you’ve been practicing the same type of yoga regularly, why not switch it up? It’s important to try stepping out of your comfort zones and to keep your body guessing. Switching up the type of yoga you do will give you that new challenge and help your overall advancement. There might be different poses you haven’t tried before, or perhaps doing them in a different way will have fresh benefits.

Why not give our Salt Cave Yoga a try, or think about joining the Rejuvenating QiGong and Tao yoga class? It will rejuvenate your inner organs, revive your immune system, calm your mind and harness the healing power to help you achieve the harmony of true health and life to your full potential.

Advanced Yoga3. Spend more time on your mat

Spending more time on your mat will absolutely allow you to see growth in your practice! Can you up your practice time to one or maybe two more times per week? With each increment, you’ll see a shift and transformation in your practice that will surely spill over into your daily life.

 4. Add more meditation to your practice

Meditation will bring untold benefits to your practice and is often the more challenging part of the process. Calm your mind and your body. Sit still. Practice gratitude and be present. More mental focus and calm is definite advancement.


5. Revisit the basics or take a breather

At times, it can be so beneficial to revisit basics like alignment to help you with more advanced poses. Even if you’ve been practicing for a really long time, why not take a beginner’s class! There’s always something new to learn or a good reminder you can bring to your more advanced classes.

As well, it’s important to recognize when you need to back off a bit and add a restorative yoga class into your schedule. A class like our Yoga Nidra will bring full body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. Another great option would be our Recovery Yin yoga, intended to help you recover from activities or injuries by targeting tendons, ligaments and fascia within the body. This can increase mobility in your joints, sharpen mental focus and improve the flow of energy in your body, proving beneficial to advancement in your practice.

So there are some tips for advancing your yoga practice. And, spoiler alert, advancement isn’t about specific poses at all! It’s about advancement in your life and your health – mind, body and soul.