Welcome to September, a clean slate; a time to fall back in love with you! With the first day of fall coming September 22nd (and the autumnal equinox bringing a nearly balance of day and night), now is a great time to set personal intentions to keep us uplifted, motivated, and aligned to what’s going on around us and the directions we want to take.

As the weather changes and the days get shorter, we tend to feel drawn to snuggling in, slowing down, and embrace a mellower pace of life. However, fall can also be a time to renew our power, and find a balance in our energies. This special workshop help you open, align and empower your Solar Plexus during the months of Fall/Autumn. During the time of Autumn often we retreat to do activities inside and spend more time with others, this is a critical time in which we become retrospective & analytical of our self and other relationships. The intention with the Buti movement, yellow roses and crystal meditation will help you align your solar plexus chakra, which is your main source of courage & self-esteem.

Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or you are an advanced butisvatta this workshop will offer you new insights into the practice, meet you where you are at, and provide you with modifications that suit your body. Rachel Cadrin will talk about the origin of Buti, the dynamics of this practice, what it does for your body and soul, and go over the proper form of postures and the patented spiral structure technique. Will will finish the afternoon with an hour long Buti Yoga class. Buti is attainable for all levels of yogini. This practice combines power flow yoga, cardio hits, and tribal dance movements.

Saturday, September 22 at 2 PM – 4 PM – Awaken Your Passion with Buti 101 – Autumn Equinox Special Event 

Special Offer $39.99 until September 8th, 10 Spots Only.Bring your mat, your water and an open heart we will provide the beats, and the good vibes!

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