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Yoga Programs Class Descriptions We are Very proud to Offer You Authentic Yoga Practice in Combination with Healing, Crystals, Sound Bath, Color Therapy, Salt Therapy and HaloTherapy and Meditation We Offer HEALING Yoga – not a FITNESS Yoga! We are VERY BEGINNER Friendly! 

Joyful Yin with Crystal Healing - Very Beginner Friendly

This class will help you recover from other activities or injuries. Yin Yoga is a powerful practice targeting tendons, ligaments and fascia within the body. The benefits of a Yin practice are to increase or maintain mobility in your joints, increase your mental focus and improve the flow of energy in your body. Expect long holds, in deep supported postures. As part of this speciality class you will receive a crystal healing eyepillow during savasana. Joyful Yin with Crystal Healing is such a beautiful and uplifting experience that works on a deep level and not only does the physical body enjoy total relaxation, but all the inner emotional stresses are brought skilfully to the surface of the mind and dissapeted. All levels welcome.

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression with Sound Bath - Very Beginner Friendly

This class will allow you to tune inward in to bodily sensations and to build a practice that focuses on mindfulness, stillness and physical and inner balance. In a supportive group we will practice together to strip away the image of an “perfect” self and really experience our bodies from the inside out. You may find that there are things about your body you actually like!

This group class will offer tools for building greater acceptance of our own body, healthy ways to deal with our inner emotions, present moments of awareness as well as working towards being compassionate to ourself and  others. Specific yoga techniques will give you greater body awareness and responsiveness which in turn are associated with lower levels of self-objectification and greater body satisfaction.

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression is an hour exploration of self through very gentle movement and sound. Yoga Teacher will lead a deeply grounding class  focusing on movement and healing touch. Harmonic sound practitioner, Sergei, will combine his live music with yin/restorative yoga to create a unique experience of breath, movement, and sound. The yoga class will end with an extended deep savasana, an hour-long sound meditation, head massage, aromatherapy: being on your mat, you will be saturated with healing sound, allowing you to access ultimate relaxation and a deep sense of peace.

All Leves Welcome. No Experience Necessary.  This class is accessible to all.

Yoga for Stress Relief with Sound Bath - Very Beginner Friendly

This is a perfect class when you’re feeling stressed but you need to feel calm and relaxed. Through the first part of class you’ll flow through some postures that will help get your heart rate up and your muscles engaged! A fantastic way to burn away stress! You’ll finish off class with some calming pranayma (breath work), crystal and tibetan bowl meditation. Modifications will be offered, props used, and students are encouraged to individualize their practice while being led in a group setting. You will leave this class feeling calm and relaxed. All Levels Welcome

Head to Toes Signature Healing Yoga - Very Beginner Friendly

Want to learn more about yoga poses and how to practice them in a way that is right for you body? We will work to ensure that we are finding ways of incorporating the yoga poses in a way that fits with and works for your body. We will then incorporate these poses into a gentle flow followed by a nice long cool down and shavasana. Very beginner friendly

This class is ideal for people with :
-low back
-rheumatoid arthritis
In this classes we will explore yoga asana approaches to rehabilitate and improve neck, shoulders, and lower back discomforts and gain insight to consciously heal the body

Restorative Yoga with Sound Healing - Very Beginner Friendly
In this restorative class, you’ll move into gentle, supported postures designed to release physical, mental and emotional tension through passive stretching. Your body will be supported by props, allowing a relaxing opening into the body while finding yourself bathed in the soothing and healing vibrations of crystal bowls.

Balancing Chakras Yoga - Very Beginner Friendly

Get in touch with your subtle body to create optimal alignment and experience vibrant health by joining us for our Fall Chakra Series!

Our Chakras correspond to all aspects and areas of our lives. When the energy is flowing abundantly and easily we enjoy life, however when a chakra is imbalanced we can experience difficulties and or dis-ease within our bodies. 

The chakras are energy centers found along the spine through which energy flows. Each week, we will guide you through a 1 hour practice to help you better understand your energy anatomy.

This is a grounding and restorative practice for all ages and levels.