Events, Yoga Registered Programs, Workshops! 

In Studio Yoga Registered Programs Open for Registration! 

Joy and Vitality have monthly events and all of our services to help you achieve your health and wellness goals (with all COVID-19 precautions) 

Head to Toes Healing Yoga –  Series of 8

October 13th – December 1st. Every Tuesday 4:15 – 5:15 or 6:15 – 7:30 pm

(with Halotherapy)

In this series of registered classes we will explore yoga asana approaches to rehabilitate and improve neck, shoulders, and lower back discomforts and gain insight to consciously heal the body. Head to Toes Series held in Himalayan Salt Room with Halotherapy.)

Yoga For Healing  Low Back and Hips – Series of 8 classes

October 16th – December 4th. Every Friday 6:15 pm

(with Halotherapy)

Lower back pain is a common ailment, most of us experience it every now and then due to improper posture.The muscles of lower back help to stabilize and rotate the spinal column, the spine and it’s nerves are the medium by which the body and brain communicates.                       

Balancing Chakras Yoga Series – Series of 8 

October 19th – December 8th. Every Monday 6:15pm

Get in touch with your subtle body to create optimal alignment and experience vibrant health by joining us for our Signature Chakra Series Program! (yoga, sound bath (crystal bowls), oils, color-therapy, balance. Chakra Series held in Himalayan Salt Room with Halotherapy.)

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression  – Series of 8

October 15th – December 3rd. Every Thursday 6:15 pm

(with Halotherapy)

This eight-week yoga series will allow you to tune inward in to bodily sensations and to build a practice that focuses on mindfulness, stillness and physical and inner balance.                          

Holy Fire Group Meditation and Healing Session with  Ascension Arts – Calgary

Join us for this session where we Gather Light Energy From The Central Sun. As we move through and past the Fall Equinox, the time is right to gather Light Energy to support us through the remainder of the year.

Goddess Gathering/Oracle Card Party with Heal with Giuliana Melo

Goddess ISIS and Mother Mary hold space as we pull cards and gather in circle . Everyone will receive at least one message from one of 3 decks.


Intuitive Art Healing Circle with Melanie Wild in the Salt Room

Join us as we gather in healing through connection, to each other, to creation and to ourselves. This small circle aims to facilitate healing using art, specifically paint pouring. Your host, Melanie will guide you as you create and connect.

No art experience is required, just an open mind to explore. There will be guided meditation, opportunities to share and connect with each other (to build community and support) and you will receive 2 canvases to create your paintings. All supplies are included in your ticket price.

Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit – Joyful 4 weeks gentle detox with Eugenia

4-week detoxification approach focusing on 4 components: Mind~Body~Spirit as a whole. This program is designed to help restore the body’s natural balance and rejuvenation process, thus increasing energy, boosting vitality, stimulating cellular repair and organ function, releasing weight and bringing back mental clarity. Participants will take away new ideas and tools to maintain their well-being, and will arrive “home” feeling lighter, stronger and revitalized in Mind, Body and Soul.

4 weeks program

Holy Fire Group Meditation and Healing Session with  Ascension Arts – Calgary

In this session we meet the Archangels – those we work with regularly to hold the horizontal and vertical space grids – and will introduce new Archangels for you to connect and travel with on your Ascension Journey.

Holy Fire Group Meditation and Healing Session with  Ascension Arts – Calgary

In this session we meet the Ascended Masters – those we’ve worked with before and introducing you to new names in this group of loving guides for our Ascension Paths.

We LOVE You and we want to make it your healthy routine Easy, Joyful and Amazing!