Events, Workshops 

In our Sacred Himalayan Salt Room with Halotherapy. Every Events and Workshop – very limited capacity to ensure very safe enviroment – vaccine passport, medical exemption or negative test required for events and yoga programs.

Events and Workshops

Angelic Foundations Certification (Intro-intermediate-advanced) with Giuliana Melo

 MARCH 27th  12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Investment – 250.00 or Early Bird – 199.00 (until the end of February)

You will also experience angel vibration through intention with Giuliana’s five sacred sound bowls Introduction will include the basics such as learning what energy is, the life’s journey and the soul, Divine free will, who are the angels anyway? who are the guardian angels, 30 facts about the angels and the 9 realms of the angels.

We will also have a brief discussion on intuition.  As Giuliana loves to have experiences in her classes, you will enjoy a short meditation to meet your angel.  Then Giuliana will help you with asking who your guardian angel is and how to ask for a name.

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