The Healing Angel, “Raphael,” brings forth a message to help you to be even healthier, through his guidance. He is suggesting that to get a good night’s sleep, he emphasizes that the disturbance in your sleep is connected to a recent health concern. The Archangel Raphael comments that perhaps your mind is too busy at night with worry and that your body is too full of tension to sleep restfully. Because of your lack of sleep, Raphael emphasizes the importance of enjoying a good night’s sleep. The tone of the message suggests that you would benefit from reaching out to Raphael to help you to fall asleep and even to imagine talking to him about your concerns.

When we talk to this healing angel, it helps us to release our thoughts, fears, and intentions. When feeling stressed, reach out to this healing archangel to help guide your body towards a peaceful rest. By doing so, he will cover you with his emerald green energy blanket, and heal you as you sleep. Raphael emphasizes you to release your concerns to him, allowing your excess weight to empty. In this way, you will feel lighter. In his message, Archangel Raphael lets you know that he is able to protect and to heal when you call upon him instead of carrying all the weight of the world as you attempt to enter the world of sleep.

When Raphael brings you a message to explore an area of your health, he is ultimately attempting to answer your prayers and protect you. The purpose of messages from the healing angel is to help you achieve this goal and to receive the excellent health that you deserve. Focusing on one particular area at the time, he knows you need to receive the messages you need to heal and to move forward in your health successfully. The meaning of this message is going to be individual and unique to you, but in order that you revive your sleep, you will know that it is also his way of validating his presence in your life.