Salt Cave and Salt Room (Halotherapy) Prices

IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: We downsized both rooms to 1 person only! If you like to book a room for a family – please give us a call, we will gladly book You and Your Family! ALL SERVICES by APPOINTMENT ONLY!


Children (12 and under)

Single Salt Cave Session



Single Salt Room Session




UNLIMITED Monthly Membership

$ 99.95 /month (reg. $399.00) (1-year minimum) (SAVE BIG when you pay for 1year membership upfront ONLY $999 for the entire year)

$149.99/month (reg. $399.00) (3- month minimum)

$265.99 – 1 month unlimited. No Contract


7 Salt Cave Sessions   $199.99 (reg.$299.00)

15 Salt Cave Sessions  $299.99 (reg.$600.00)

30 Salt Cave Session (shareable between friends and family)  $450.00 (reg. $1,200.)

10 Salt Room Sessions  $165.95

Sound Healing in the Salt Cave

Private Sound Bath in the Salt Cave (can bring up to 5 friends)  $190.00

101 Tibetan Bowl Therapy (VST)  $125.95

101 Chakras Activation and Energy Cleanse  $125.95