Private 1:1 Holy Fire Healing Session in The Copper Pyramids with Ascension Arts Calgary (Marianne and Talon) in our Sacred Himalayan Salt Room

Joy and Vitality Centre is proud to announce that we are a 2021 Top Choice Award WINNERAlternative Health and Wellness Center of 2021 in Calgary!

 In these sessions, we work with Beloved Archangel Michael and Beloved Archangel Raphael to bring you divine light energy and healing. Michael is the blue ray of safety and protection, while Raphael is the green ray of body, mind, and spirit healing. Working with Michael and Raphael clears away fear and stress, and supports soul healing. Organic essential oils aligned with the Archangels and focused to your needs are used, as well as beautiful sound vibration therapy consisting of Tibetan and Nepalese Singing Bowls, Woodstock Chimes, and Zaphir Chimes that create peace and harmony, and raise your etheric vibration. Chakra alignment supports your well-being and includes a special Third Eye and Crown Chakra healing to clear the Path of Ascension. The healing properties of crystals are also used – crystals are piezoelectric – meaning electricity resulting from pressure that holds an accumulated electric charge as a solid material. This effect benefits the brain, electromagnetic energy in and outside the body, and the pineal gland (that has its own micro crystals within). Crystals associated with the chakras and your specific needs facilitate energy balance.

While Marianne guides you through the healing process, Talon provides Holy Fire Reiki as you lie comfortably within one of two copper pyramids. There is no pressure, no touch, you are safe, and the messages and energy are for you alone in a private space that is quiet, relaxing, blissful, and peaceful. Please be sure to bring your yoga mat, blanket, and pillow to ensure your comfort.
Holy Fire Reiki is a new form of Reiki that is powerful and gentle, and provides purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance. It is refined and divine energy that comes from a high level of consciousness. It helps clear blockages that prevent awakening and integrating the Christ Consciousness – the fourth and fifth density energies of unconditional love, peace, and joy. It guides us as we move through the Age of Aquarius and into a higher vibrational frequency. Holy Fire Reiki is especially beneficial for your soul path – the path of ascension – where a higher vibrational frequency resides. Holy Fire Reiki calls especially to star seeds, empaths, indigo / crystal / rainbow adults, light workers, way showers, and those involved in the healing arts. The word holy in the name Holy Fire is not religious – rather it means wholeness. Holy Fire is spiritual energy that creates wholeness by enabling the universal life force energy to flow within us and facilitate deep self-healing. Those receiving Holy Fire Reiki treatments can feel the intensity of this fiery, yet gentle and powerful energy. Some qualities of Holy Fire energy that have been experienced include:
• Heals deeply and quickly without distress.
• Heals relationships and interactions with others.
• Releases worry and replaces it with a sense of safety in a most pronounced way.
Private 1:1 sessions are cash only directly to Marianne and Talon when you arrive please – exact change is appreciated. Please contact Ascension Arts – Calgary on Face Book by private message or the Joy and Vitality Cente for more information, rates, and availability – please note that these sessions are adults only please. Lovely treats and healthful surprises are a part of every session to support joy and abundance
We look forward to seeing you for a truly impactful healing experience that is unique and not currently offered elsewhere.
• Marianne and Talon are both Certified Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Masters with Stonehenge Lineage, Third Degree Ursui Reiki Masters, Archangel Michael Healers, Chakra Healers, and Crystal Healers – with training in Advanced Mediumship, Sound Vibration Therapy, completion of the 2019, 2020, and 2021 David & Elizabeth Wilcock Ascension Mysteries Schools: Ascension Mysteries, The Great Awakening – The Path of Light, and Gateway to the Galactic Mind, and completion of Laura Eisenhower’s Upgrading in the Face of Adversity course through Portal to Ascension.
• Talon is trained in and has taught a number of martial arts disciplines.
• Marianne holds a Masters Degree in Management, as well as being a writer for IRIS News and ITArchitects, and has completed the following workshops and courses – Portal to Ascension: John DeSouza’s Clear Hearers Workshop and Para-Investigator Certification course + Neil and Sol Gaur’s Sound Practitioner Certification course with a focus in Quantum Harmonics + Sound, Music & The Merkaba with Peter Sterling + Crop Circle Activations with Nadi Hana + A DNA Activation with Mary Rodwell. From UC Berkeley: Certification in Empathy & Emotional Intelligence. From Elizabeth and David Wilcock – The Priestess Path and Divine Cosmos: Master Class on The Lion’s Gate

Couples Sessions Available Upon Request!