Joy and Vitality Instructors

Our desire is to partner with the best instructors in the city! Great people who share our core values, love others, and value the health and wellness of their body and soul.


The whole atmosphere is loving and welcoming. Yoga teachers are encouraging and helpful. It’s a fabulous place to be!

Dana Vankoughnett Burgess

Lisa Knapik

Like so many, I turned to yoga as a form of exercise – a way to strengthen my inactive body after a battle with chronic pain. I went to my first class looking to find a way to strengthen my body, but what I found was so much more than I could have imagined. When I stepped onto my mat for the first time, I found a sense of calm and a connection to my body and emotions in a way I had never been able to feel before. A way to tune in, let go of the stress and chaos of life, and connect with how I truly felt. I cried, I felt weak, and I felt completely empowered and whole for the first time in my life. I felt like I was me. Worthy.
That was the beginning of a sporadic yoga practice. Fast forward a few years, and I bought an intro month of unlimited yoga and the rest was history. When I finally decided to stop dancing around what I knew I wanted and needed and commit to it, I found my center in a way I didn’t know was possible. I quickly fell in love with all things yoga. With the movement, with the calm, the strength, the softness, the breaking open, and the tuning into my body and soul. The more classes I took, the more I wanted to attend. I found myself going to classes once and twice daily. Life shifted and changed as I turned to yoga as my therapy, my safe space and my place where I could truly feel and let myself be raw. It was then that I knew this was my passion and my calling. I found the magic in yoga, and I wanted so desperately to be able to share that with the world. It took me a bit to commit to my Teacher Training, but the second I did, I knew it was right.
I took my 200RYT training through the Alberta Yoga College. My training is Iyengar based, which gave me a strong and safe alignment focused style. I take joy in teaching all ages and levels of yoga and am trained in many styles. Falling in love with all things yoga more and more every day, I continue to learn and grow as a teacher. Like all aspects of my life, my classes are fun, powerful and heartfelt.

Rachel Cadrin

I have always been passionate about living an active, healthy life style. I grew up dancing and competing in Track and Field, so when I was introduced to yoga it was the perfect fit for my life. When I was 18, I had my second knee surgery and had to give up dance and track – I was devastated. During this time, yoga was my saving grace and I became immersed in it as a means of healing my body and soul.

I have been practicing yoga for the last 10 years and am a 400 hr RYT certified to teach Buti yoga. I feel a lightness in my heart when I am practicing yoga and it is my wish to share yoga with others.

Sara Lyn

Having a strong personal yoga practice for over ten years, Sara knows all the amazing benefits to a regular practice. Having been introduced to yoga by a close friend, she felt both the physical ease the mental calm and clarity that yoga gives. Yoga assisted in the healing of some serious injuries and continues to support her body, mind and soul!

As both a teacher and a student, yoga has become a source of strength and healing from the inside out. As Sara has become more flexible in her body, she has also become more flexible in her mind. Having struggled with A.D.D. for most of her life, Vinyasa Flow yoga turned into a moving meditation and Sara has learned, and continues to learn, about the power of your own body, mind and breath – leaving your body and mind calm and energized.

Sara teaches a Vinyasa Flow class that aims to create a kind and safe space where every body can feel good about trying new things. She always teaches with compassion and believes a yoga practice can be beneficial for anyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, health status, or flexibility.

When Sara is not in the yoga studio, she’s climbing mountains or out on the water! As well as teaching yoga in the studio, Sara teaches yoga on stand up paddle boards in the summer. Her creativity, humour and zest for life is contagious and Sara is grateful to be able to inspire, affect change and help transform lives through yoga!

Baljit K Joshi

From a young age, I always knew I wanted to help people, I just didn’t know in which capacity. I enjoyed sciences and pursued a degree in Biological Sciences from the The University of Calgary. I had been practicing yoga in high school with my father and started learning breathing techniques. During my studies in university, my friend introduced me to my first class in a hot yoga room. Having to commit to finish the yoga package within a month, I started to notice a huge difference physically and mentally in my body with more energy. Since then I had started my journey through yoga by experiencing a positive and balanced mindset and lifestyle. I complete my Hatha and Vinyasa teacher training in 2015. My inspiration of becoming a teacher came through wanting to share my knowledge, experience and life changes I endured as a yogini. My goal as a teacher is to educate and inspire others to find a realization within themselves through mind and body connection.  See You on the mat.

Amazing experience! I attended Mom’s Night Out. It was my first time trying yoga and everyone was so friendly. It truly is a yoga studio that means no experience necessary and will work with you. Met some incredible ladies from all walks of life. The yoga studio is like none other. Beautiful facility!

Jaclyn Pearce

Such an amazing afternoon!!! Mom and daughter Buti yoga was so much fun!! Great job Joy and Vitality family and Rachel:) I love the family friendly environment while also focusing on adult health… job well done.

Brooklyn Johnson