Our signature 12 piece gift box is the perfect gift for any occasion whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or to say ‘thank you’. Each chocolate is hand selected by our chocolatiers and the flavours change seasonally. All chocolate is good, but we think our Joy and Vitality artisans make chocolate that transcends good and leaves one speechless.

Five Reasons Gourmet Chocolate Makes the Perfect Gift

  1. Perfect Proportions

Gift a 12-count box of chocolates to your family or friends so they have enough chocolate to enjoy themselves and to share with their loved ones. And if you’d like to make sure there’s more than enough to go around, we also offer larger boxes.

  1. Unique & High Quality

Gourmet chocolates, especially artisan made, hand-painted chocolates, offer a special uniqueness and are very high quality! Family and friends will feel special and appreciated when receiving them. After all the delectable chocolates have been devoured, the memory will remain.

  1. It’s Easy

Taking someone out to dinner or a sporting event can be time-consuming and costly. Gourmet chocolates are simply shipped and then enjoyed by the recipient over days or weeks. Your name stays in front of them longer and it’s an efficient way to make someone feel appreciated.

  1. Nothing Wasted

Who can resist chocolate? Your gift won’t be tossed aside or thrown out, but enjoyed to the last piece! The recipient may even re-purpose the box into an office supply holder or desk organizer, reminding them over and over of your appreciation.

  1. Chocolate is Universally Desired

While we may be partial to this, who can blame us? The evidence speaks for itself as to why we think chocolate is the perfect gift for everyone!