Salty Gifts from JVC

As the holidays near and fall colours beautify our landscape, people gather up by cozy fireplaces and spend quality time indoors. This means it’s also time to start thinking about gifts for friends and family for the holidays. This is no easy task, but Joy & Vitality offers the most unique gift ideas for the season! Choose from our many services or retail options and find the most unique, thoughtful gifts for every budget.

You’ve probably heard about the Himalayan salt lamp craze, but did you know there are many other products made from 600-million-year-old Himalayan salt? If you’re looking for a health-stimulating gift idea or something to calm and rejuvenate your loved ones, you might be interested in the following products:

1. Himalayan Pink Salt Candle Holders

What’s more pure and natural than a Himalayan salt lamp? Himalayan salt heated by fire! Never before has candle light resembled nature in its raw, untransformed state like these Himalayan crystal candle holders do.






2. Himalayan Salt Detoxer

Place your hands or feet on the Himalayan Salt Detoxer and feel the warm glow permeate your extremities. Users report extraordinary soothing effects and many describe rejuvenating experiences, mainly in the form of physical relief, including the loosening of tight ligaments, reduced cramps anddiminished arthritis symptoms.

3. Himalayan Pink Salt Shot Glasses

“I prefer my tequila chased with salt and lime, and these shot glasses—carved from high-quality Himalayan salt—are perfect, no extra salt necessary.” – Oprah

These shot glasses are all-natural, germ-blasting and completely unique. You won’t be waking up to that feeling of a cold coming on! These shot glasses add flavor to your favorite firewater, but they’re not meant for sipping… Slam that shot down quick!

4. The Iconic Amber-colored Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Whether the health benefits are scientifically proven or not, there are some great reasons to get a Himalayan pink salt lamp!

First, be captivated by their rugged exterior and earthy feel! We think the warm orange glow will appeal to even the most cold-hearted individual.

Secondly, there’s something primal about lamps made of light emitting salt rock hauled by miners from the depths of Mother Earth. Enjoy its warm ambiance and soothing properties in your home or business.

Thirdly, these lamps emit orange light, helping you wind down during the hours before bedtime while blocking stimulating blue light.

Fourth, these lamps may also emit negative ions (negative air ionization therapy) sufficient enough to boost your wellbeing. The extent to which these are released has not been scientifically established, but we believe the glowing reviews speak for themselves.

Finally, these can be an attractive feature in your home, bedroom or office. Do you want a Moroccan style lamp? Or perhaps a pyramid shaped lamp is more to your liking? Choose from many different styles and shapes suited to your tastes and décor.

5. Rare White Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Perhaps an amber lamp doesn’t complement your business or home’s interior, but what about a white Himalayan crystal lamp?These don’t emit a vivid orange glow like the amber lamps do; their manifestation is more subtle, like a campfire shining through an icy cave.






6. Himalayan Salt Blocks

Our Himalayan salt blocks are hewn from the purest 600 million year old salt deposits deep under the rugged Punjabi landscape. Suitable for freezing to -320°F and heating to 900°F, no other salt block has been tested to these limits! They are selected for both natural beauty and structural integrity.

They’re suitable for all uses, from salt block freezing to frying, and from curing to grilling. Serve a fruit and cheese arrangement, warm a salad of wilted greens and Roquefort cheese, sear a flatiron steak, chill scallop ceviche, or try freezing some ice cream for dessert!







7. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser / Oil Burner

Create a beautiful ambiance with your own blend of essential oils using this natural Aromatherapy Crystal Diffuser.

8. Himalayan Salt Tableware

Our tableware is the seamless combination of beauty and functionality. These mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt plates add delicate flavor to your food. You’ll be the envy of your friends and family as you serve them an unforgettable meal in such a unique way.







9. Himalayan Bath Salts

Our luxurious Himalayan Bath Salts will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed! They are anti-bacterial and an all-natural deodorant, making for an effective skin treatment and creating a light shimmer in your bath.

The Coarse Grain Himalayan Bath Salt with Essential Oils is perfect after a long day to help you relax and rejuvenate. Pair this with our Himalayan Salt Crystal Heart Massage Stone and bring balance back to your skin the natural way.