Medical Astrology Chart Reading Combined with Crystal Healing and Natal Chart Medical Consultation Service with Eugenia Knyazheva

I am owner-operator at Joy and Vitality, Registered Dietitian, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Raw Foods Nutritionist, Certified in Medical Astrology. Certified Cancer Coach, also as part of my passion and believe to body-mind-spirit healing and connection I achieved Master certification in Reiki, Crystal and Essential Oils Healing. I love to help people to achieve their true potential (please read my why story) and show how to thrive and enjoy life!

IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: in person – Service Suspended until further notice. 

What can you expect? I do this in combination with natal chart reading (please note I specializing in health medical astrology, combined with Vedic astrology). I first run your chart where I identify planets in your houses, how well or not well they aspected (squares, oppositions, trines and so on) and current transits and how planets affecting physical and mental wellness. So for example, when Saturn makes a transit to a strong point in your chart (ruler of bones, skin and teeth), there may be a time of limitation and consolidation. An area of your body could feel Saturn’s heavy influence. Perhaps there will be backache, a skin rash or a feeling of melancholy. Was just an example how some people have psoriasis or bone issues and how to strengthen certain planet with herbs and such. Also I identify which side (male or female) in your chart more active with planets and which side needs to be balanced. After this we go into crystal healing based on your sun, moon, rising signs and chakras associated with those signs, health issues based on planets we discovered in natal chart and mental blockages. Crystal healing combined with reiki. And in the end of session I’ll give a list of foods, herbs, crystals and oils to balance certain areas based on natal chart and current transits.

3 hrs in person – cost 380.00 

Appointments are held at Joy and Vitality Centre, every Sunday by appointment.  Call us (403) 452-51-84 or email: if You would like an appointment to book on the time that works better for you.