Mega Food

Mega Food line of nutritional supplements and vitamins are made with real food! Their goal since 1973 has been to improve people’s lives by delivering the most authentic nourishment possible. They produce farm-to-tablet whole food supplements for your health and well-being.


They’re committed to real, whole food supplements because it’s the best way to deliver nutrients and make you feel great. These supplements are easier on the stomach and digestion for this very reason! Easily absorbable and full of goodness. Their mission is to feed your body and nourish your soul so you feel your absolute best! You’ll be prepared for your day, fueled with energy and filled with confidence.

It’s all about real…

“MegaFood® is, as the name suggests, more. Yes, it costs a little more. But more real, more pure, more commitment to giving your body exactly what it needs is worth a little more.”


You’re already making good choices in your life and taking your health seriously. It does take time and effort in our busy lives, so MegaFood is convenient, easy and can improve your life. In their words, they take real nutrition really seriously so you can get out there and have a blast! 


MegaFood is a company who continually asks the question, “How many lives have we improved today, this month, this year?” They make vitamins to impact lives with commitment, honesty and passion. Their transparency is inspiring – they control their entire production process from farm to tablet, guaranteeing the highest level of quality control, safety and potency you should expect. You can actually go on their website and watch your vitamins being made with their live facility cams!!


Come find all the MegaFood supplements available to help you at Joy & Vitality Centre. We’d love to share more with you and help you find the right supplements to live your best life!