Reiki for Kids and Teens Healing Service

Christina Cabral is Cerified Master Reiki Practitioner. In addition to providing Reiki Treatments to people and pets, I also provide certification courses for Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 and Reiki for Animals. Christina also been fortunate to have had a long and rewarding career as a Recreation Therapist, working with inspiring Seniors, in retirement residences, assisted living and long term care centres in Calgary, Alberta. Wellness is important at all ages and stages of life and as a Recreation Therapist

The foundation, true passion, heart and purpose of Joy and Vitality Centre is to provide holistic and energy healing treatments for kids and teens.

Empower your children with fun, healing, and self esteem! Reiki helps to integrate the mind and body, strengthen the musculoskeletal system, and synchronize the right and left brain. It can increase focus, improve mental and physical abilities, relieve aggression, and promote relaxation and healthier emotional coping mechanisms.

Benefits of Reiki for Kids and Teens includes:

-Reduction of pain

-Reduction of aggression

-Reduction of obsessive and self-stimulatory behaviors

-Reduction of anxiety

-More control in regulating anxiety and emotions

Reiki treatments are safe and non-invasive.  Children today are dealing with anxieties, fears, peer pressures and educational pressures. Reiki therapy sessions may be done sitting or on a table. Appointments are held at Joy and Vitality Centre.