In Salt Room we Combine Himalayan Salt, Halotherapy and  Colour Therapy Techniques (Chromotherapy) – kids allowed in the Salt Room! 


Joy and Vitality Centre is proud to announce that we are a 2021 Top Choice Award WINNERAlternative Health and Wellness Center of 2021 in Calgary!

FAQ: How sterile is The Salt Cave or Room – could someone pickup germs?

Salt naturally absorbs bacteria. The walls and floor of the rooms in the Salt Cave are covered with salt which creates an almost sterile environment. In addition, our ventilation system and Halogenerator (medical grade sodium chloride diffusing machine) works throughout the entire session to circulate the air in the room, exhausting used air out and clean, fresh air in. There is no recycling of air back into the rooms. In addition, we had zero known or traceble Covid-19 cases linked to Joy and Vitality Centre! 

Our Salt Room is designed to hold 6 persons and Salt Room 19 persons (however for our customers comfort we decided to continue with  1 PERSON AT THE TIME  or FAMILY MEMBERS and FRIENDS CAN GO in THE SAME TIME – please give us a call if you like to book your family or friends together comfortably with plenty of room. 

This room has discounted rate for only 29.99/per person, cell phones, books, foods kids allowed in this room

When you breathe in the salt from Halogenerator and surrounded by Himalayan Salt , it goes into your respiratory system and works as a natural anti-microbial and really helps to open up your airways. If you live by the ocean, you could get similar benefits by just parking your bum on the beach, but alas, Calgary is landlocked like whoa, so we have to get our salt in another way.⁣



What an amazing experience we had today at the Joy and Vitality cente. I like this place and owners who are friendly and welcoming. We went to the Salt Room and my kids LOVED IT!   There is much more at the Joy and Vitality Center and all is natural and organic. Love this place. I wish owners success.

Amanda D