In Salt Room we Combine Himalayan Salt, Halotherapy and  Colour Therapy Techniques (Chromotherapy) – kids allowed in the Salt Room! 

Are you wondering what is  Color Therapy? Great! We are happy to explain. Color therapy, also known as Chromotherapy, is the principle that certain colors are infused with healing powers. The Seven Chakra Colors of the rainbow improve mind, body, spirit balance and healing.

There are seven Chakras (meaning “wheels”), or energy centers, which concentrate and distribute life-force energy throughout the body. Our Chakras correspond to all aspects and areas of our lives. When the energy is flowing abundantly and easily we enjoy life, however when a chakra is imbalanced we can experience difficulties and or dis-ease within our bodies. Everyday we use the colors of the chakra to increase the experience of the class.

Below is an explanation of the seven chakra colors, what they represent, their meanings and affirmations.

  • Monday – Root Chakra (Red Color) – I feel safe and secure
  • Tuesday – Sacral Chakra (Orange Color) – I love and enjoy my body.
  • Wednesday – Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow Color) – I direct my own life
  • Thursday – Heart Chakra (Pink/Green Color) – All love resides within my heart
  • Friday – Throat Chakra (Blue Color) – I communicate my feelings with ease
  • Saturday – Third Eye Chakra (Violet Color) – I listen to my deepest wisdom
  • Sunday – The Crown Chakra (White Color) – I know that all is well in my world

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