Private Group Sound Healing Session in The Crystal and Copper Pyramids in our Sacred Himalayan Salt Room (great for couples or group of 6 people)

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This powerful energetic healing therapeutic treatment will bring a sense of peace, ease, and energetic release.
💙 Participant will lay down in an effort to allow the healing sound vibrations of the crystal singing bowls and Healing Pyramids to travel through their auric field and subtle energetic body.
💙 Sessions are held in the Himalayan Salt Room in order to completely revitalize your immune system, relieve soreness and inflammation, as well as improve circulation halotherapy to promote detoxification and balance, as well as assisting the chakras in breaking up any stuck or stagnant energies within the body.
💙 Since ancient times, the four sloping sides of the pyramid have been found to attract powerful bio-energy forces that can help in healing. The Egyptians viewed the pyramid as a spiritual symbol because it connects electromagnetic energy surrounding the earth with the stars and other planets.
💙 According to Selva, in the past, people having health issues slept overnight under large pyramids as part of their healing process. “The pyramid can be used to lessen aches and pains because its geometrical shape has the power to store and emit therapeutic energies. “Although unseen, the subtle energies have the strength to neutralise negative forces in any space and speed up cures,” says Selva
💙 Meditation within a Copper Pyramid is a beautiful, energetically charged and enlightening experience.
💙 These structures are storehouses of energy as they are built to incline towards Earth’s magnetic field and are perfect receivers and transmitters of cosmos energy.
Meditating under such a structure is called ‘Pyramid Meditation,’ and it yields amazing benefits.
💙 Mentally / Emotionally 💙
Promoting positive thinking
Clearing unhealthy thought patterns
Encouraging self-development
Reducing stress
Deepening relaxation
💙 Spiritually 💙
Strengthening inner guidance
Increasing our affinity with nature
Deepenning our sense of unity
Guiding us on the path to enlightenment
💙 What makes a pyramid so powerful is its ability to channel or collect energy from the higher realms of the stars, the planets and the Universe and deliver it down to earth. Because of its shape, any energy that enters the pyramid has the ability to be cleansed and purified. Almost like the pyramid acts like a filter of sorts. This is because pyramids are said to generate negative ions which can balance the body’s electromagnetic field and deliver healing.
💙 If you don’t have a chance to experience a copper pyramid, you can use orgone pyramids made of crystals or even just use your imagination to visualize that you are surrounded by a pyramid during your meditation.
💙 The triangle is also included in the pyramids which represents the three elements of our being that need to be balanced in order to reach enlightenment, such as:
✔️Mind, body and spirit
✔️Heaven, hell, and earth
✔️Father, son, and Holy Spirit
✔️Past, present, and future
✔️Mental, physical, and emotional
💙 Sergei is Licensed VSA Sound Therapists. Private Sound Bath Treatment- done in the Salt Cave with Halotherapy to ensure maximum benefits, safety and relaxation. Call us (403) 452-51-83 to book your session.


Couples Sessions Available Upon Request! Investment – 175.00/ 1:1 session or 190.00/couples session