By Julie Robinson

Angel Intuitive, Empathic Psychic Medium and Reiki Master at Joy and Vitality

Hello, my name is Julie Robinson and as a fourth generation Empathic Psychic Medium and Angel Intuitive, I will receive various healing messages from your deceased loved ones through my “reading.” I will attempt to validate their presence in your life and in my reading, they will bring up information only you would know about to help you to receive what it is you need to heal and to move forward in your life. As a Medium, I will ask Spirit* to provide proof of their presence by having them bring up important events including how they died. Due to the healing nature of a reading, you can expect to believe in the afterlife, trust that your loved ones are safe and at peace, and that they are guiding, encouraging and loving you from the Other Side.

The helpful nature of a Mediumship session will clarify for you your loved one’s claims. In my sessions, I will have them talk about your love life, your career and any other living area your loved ones in heaven wish to discuss. And in support of you and in your best interest, they will rely on messages to guide you based on what is meant for the highest good of all concerned, with harm to none.

Your deceased loved ones will rely on validating their presence in your life by referencing current or past events, such as birthdays and celebrations. In an attempt to support their claims about still being present in your life and surrounding you with their love and protection, they will give you further examples. They will be limited to their perspective and things that you share in common.

While Spirit* will attempt to fill me with messages describing the origins of your relationship, their messages will hep you because they will make you feel less alone and more clear.

● Spirit * refers to your guardian angels, your deceased loved ones, my guardian angels and the Archangels