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“Star Kids” Wellness Program

The foundation, true passion, heart and purpose of Joy and Vitality Centre is to provide holistic and energy healing treatments for very unique kids with challenging developmental disorders. We disagree with the “Special Needs” label, we call them simply Star Kids!

We strongly believe that a Star Kid is a gift … a gift for all of us and our planet. This unique kids challenges us to respond with tremendous amount of energy and dedication. Finding a way to help that Star Kid, to be there in the most loving, supportive and facilitating way possible is the best way to express the most powerful humane part of ourselves. Such a process is a daily, moment-to-moment treasure for all of us.

The “Star Kids” Program is a system of second thought treatments based upon the idea to help Star Kids to integrate to our society and feel absolutely comfortable, loved and joyful. Our program designed to help child’s development, human connection, communication, skill acquisition and quality of life far beyond what most parents would have ever predicted.

“Star Kids” QiGong sessions

Empower your children with fun, fitness, and self esteem! Qi Gong combines meditation, movement and breath into a series of kid friendly exercises to integrate the mind and body, strengthen the musculoskeletal system, and synchronize the right and left brain. It can increase focus, improve mental and physical abilities, relieve aggression, and promote relaxation and healthier emotional coping mechanisms.

“Star Kids” yoga sessions

In addition to benefits typically associated with yoga such as increased strength, balance, coordination and flexibility, benefits of yoga for Star Kids includes:

-Reduction of pain

-Reduction of aggression

-Reduction of obsessive and self-stimulatory behaviors

-Reduction of anxiety

-More control in regulating anxiety and emotions

-The joy of sharing class with others and making new friends

“Star Kids” Drumming sessions

Drumming Therapy is an excellent way for children to learn self-awareness, listening skills, coordination of breath and movement, cooperation and patience. It is also a valuable channel for intense emotions and teaches containment of strong feelings and impulses that would otherwise become disruptive and destructive. Whether your child has low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, defiant behavior, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder or simply an abundance of energy, drumming therapy can be a valuable aid to learning and growth.


Drumming has been a wonderfully successful approach to working with kids who have trouble focusing and connecting with others in a satisfying way. Often, these kids have had so much failure in their lives that they come to identify themselves as being “no good.” A cycle of negative self-reinforcement occurs, often resulting in low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, anger problems and acting out. The personal power awakened by drumming helps to rebuild a sense of efficacy and self worth. The repetitive rhythm has a physiologically calming effect. It also builds valuable skills for processing and communicating information, and containing or channeling intense emotions and impulses.

“Star Kids” Art sessions (every Sunday 3 pm- 4:30 pm)

Children of all ages, both special needs and not, may not have the language skills to express themselves, but they still have a voice. Expressive arts awaken a child’s imagination and creativity to help him discover who he is and how to engage his senses. They also bring a sense of calm to the body and positively impact mindset, interpretation of surroundings and emotional state.

Putting their feelings into a poem, song and painting gives children a safe outlet for negative emotions through an enjoyable activity, which accelerates the healing and growth process. But expressive arts aren’t just for coping, they also have great effects on a child’ development, such as :

-Social Development

-Cognitive Development

-Emotional Development

-Physical Development

Denise Willis - Jones

I have a heart for families and children dealing with mental and physical challenges. I have spent a lifetime exploring ways to heal the body and mind .
I have 20 years teaching experience and a diploma in kinesiology
This will be an exciting adventure for your children to discover hope and balance and self discovery through drumming
Movement art and drama. I’m so excited to be part of this wonderful team at your very own Joy and Vitality Centre.

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