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TheraPhi Healing Sessions in Calgary   



What is TheraPhi?

TheraPhi process itself is a holistic, non-invasive treatment whereby the body’s cells are restored to a healthier, more ordered state. The TheraPhi enhances the body’s own healing through its cellular regeneration system.

TheraPhi is therapy by Phi (golden mean ratio). Precise electronic frequencies are generated from phi ratio harmonics and are passed through glass tubes that contain a unique mixture of noble gases supercharged by a Tesla coil. The resulting powerful, super-coherent field helps the body to restore its cellular regenerative system; the body can heal very quickly and naturally.  The inspiration for the creation of this device is based on the famous pioneering efforts of Nikola Tesla, George Lakhovsky, Royal Raymond Rife and especially Antione Priore. 

The field that is generated between the components of TheraPhi has a negentropic effect. Negentropy is the reverse of entropy and is considered to be “the life organizing principle”. Negentropy is the reorganization of disorder into order. In terms of health of the body, any dis-order or state of dis-ease is a state of disorder. By laying in TheraPhi’s rich life supporting field, cells and biological systems reorganize, rejuvenate, and become ordered. Negentropy is also a process of “reverse time”, a process where the cell can “remember” what it was originally like before disorder set in (definition of healing). The coherent forces in TheraPhi can restore your body to its original healthy condition, which is also referred to as rejuvenation, regeneration, and healing.


In combination with the TheraPhi, we also use a special palladium wellness blanket to enhance the experience. The Wellness Blanket consists of layers of energetic materials including palladium that can restore a body much like an infra-red sauna.  These energy-reflecting benefits originated in the 1960’s when Russian Cosmonauts’ vitals greatly improved after wearing their palladium laden protective suits in space.

The TheraPhi is able to help many people, but unfortunately, it’s not available for everyone. As the TheraPhi generates a powerful bioelectric field, any electonics placed inside the field are subjected to malfunction. That being the case, the TheraPhi is not available for use if you have a pacemaker, or any other electrical medical devices/implantations.

Appointment Notes

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the session, and have a seat on the front bench.

It’s best to wear comfortable clothing (eg sweats). Please avoid clothing/jewelry with metal.

To get the maximum benefit from your session, it’s strongly recommended you are well hydrated before your session begins.


We cannot predict or guarantee results; nor do we diagnose, heal, treat, cure, or address specific symptoms. This is not a medical treatment, nor is it a substitute for medical advice, your own healing professional’s advice, treatment, or diagnosis. TheraPhi YYC does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. There are no medical claims made about the modalities offered. If you think that you might be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek qualified medical advice.
Cost (subject to change):
Regular 30 min session: $80 + tax
Introductory Package (first 30 min session + 2 more): $160 + tax
6 Pack of 30 min sessions: $360 + tax
12 Pack of 30 min sessions: $660 + tax

We require that you notify us of cancellations twenty-four hours prior to your spa appointment and/or class. Late cancellations or no shows will be billed, the full value of the service reserved, to the credit card on file.