Joy and Vitality Centre for all walks of life! I can personally promise You will Thrive, all it takes – just your commitment to You!

Over 20 years ago I (Eugenia) was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and told that by age 12 I will have to use a wheelchair. Today I’m very active, strong and healthy! Yesterday after a morning yoga class I was laying in Savasana and happily cried of my accomplishments. I still have many physical limitations, diet restrictions (I’m not all that 100% health freak, I still have a few unhealthy habits, but hey…life is all about balance, right? No judgment here 🙂 I don’t feel well every day, but I can proudly say that I’m strong, beautiful and healthy, I’m not on any prescription drugs, just following the right diet, supplementation and physical activity’s. It sure takes a lot of courage, determination, self-understanding and confidence to face each day with a smile, positive energy and passion. Every day I talk to people with pains, injuries and many other health issues. Many of you who knows me personally, know that the Centre was my dream to help people to heal, to achieve their health goals, find inner joy and vitality and to live their true potential. And today I’m so happy to see many of you practicing yoga with me, or just coming to the Centre and achieving your health goals, working on your body, taking care of yourself, sharing your stories and allowing us to support you on your healing journey. Every day when I see your achievements my heart sings. I’m so happy that many of you found your happy and comfortable place with us. We are always here to make you feel happy. For many of you who haven’t had a chance to join our community yet, I personally invite you to come and experience our difference, whether you need any help with supplements, yoga, diet, nutrition or just to share your story. You will always feel comfortable, with one on one personal attention, feel great in yoga classes regardless of your physical limitations and body conditions. On behalf of all of us, I can personally guarantee that you will never feel alone on the path to a healthier you. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my passion, story and experience with You. I cannot wait to meet You, Eugenia