The very center of ourselves is our core. Laying the foundation of a healthy lifestyle should first begin with the core; the abdominal region of the body. The core is the literal center of our power and balance, and strengthening this area brings out the foundation of yoga.

It’s true that strengthening the core helps improve almost every asana. The practice of yoga itself has proven physical benefits such as increased flexibility, increased muscle strength, improved overall athletic performance, and improved cardio and circulatory health. Not to mention the benefits on the increased energy or the improved vitality, yoga can reduce stress and help create mental clarity and calmness. It has all around benefits that improve the day-to-day challenges but the focus of this class, is strength.

vinyasa flow lesson CalgaryThe actual physical changes we see is a strengthening and tightening of the major abdominal muscles, as well as the back muscles and the obliques. To do this we use labor intensive poses in a vinyasa flow designed to safely progress from one pose to the next. The poses focus on the core, as the class would suggest, so there are a lot of plank poses, back bends, and poses that are difficult to sustain. It’s hard work keeping the poses and might feel a bit more like exercise but the flow part of the Core Flow Yoga class here at Joy and Vitality located in SE Calgary will create a nurturing and relaxed environment to make the poses feel more natural and keep the body moving and warm.

Like before, improving the strength of the core improves basically any other yoga pose, but their overall health benefits of doing so are far-reaching. Improving the abdominal helps reduce back pain, as your back muscles are forced to work harder to support the middle seeing as the back muscles are connected to the abdominal muscles. This is also why the back muscles are included when we talk about the core of the human body, they’re all connected. This is why working on the core improves overall balance, it’s all working together with the movement of the body.

An unexpected benefit to this exercise is better posture, because with stronger abdominals the body is less prone to fatigue with strong musculature to support proper alignment. Proper posture also lessens the erosion of the spine, which is another avoidable back pain that provides improved overall health, especially as we age. In any case, proper posture letsus walk taller and with more confidence.

Vinyasa Flow Class Calgary

This yoga class, located in Quarry Park, is open for anyone but we would recommend some experience first as some of the poses can be strenuous for those who don’t have a lot of experience in the practice of yoga. Those who practice Pilates are encouraged to come! Pilates has many of the same types of exercises while this class has a vinyasa flow to help soothe the path between poses. Either way, the benefits of this class are numerous and far-reaching; giving a better understanding of yoga, improved balance, improved strength, and the overall vitality of a healthy lifestyle. Book into a class TODAY!