Yoga is a versatile practice that can benefit the body physically and spiritually, but developing a healthy body can be difficult when you experience pain or dysfunction. There are many massage therapies but one we find to be one of the most effective methods is Myofascial Release Yoga.

Myofascial Release Yoga or MFR targets the fascia, an interwoven fibrous net that can be found in every part of the body all connected together. Fascia surrounds every cell and is in every system in the body. Oftentimes when pain is felt in one area of the body the actual obstruction is found in a different area, that’s just how connected the system is. Fascia is integral to the human body, as it allows the body to function normally and is responsible for posture and three-dimensional movement.

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Fascia is a shock absorber, so to protect our body from injury the fascia must have excellent elasticity and fluidity. It is believed that a major cause of pain and discomfort in the pressure on the muscular-skeletal system as well as other pain receptive structures is due to myofascial restrictions. Unfortunately, the restrictions do not show up in standardized medical tests and is often misdiagnosed.


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Myofascial release yoga is one method we use to treat myofascial restrictions. Using MFR with Yin and Yang forms of yoga we increase the circulation of blood to aid in the pain and discomforts of myofascial restrictions and other forms of discomfort present in the body.

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