Buti Yoga combines power flow yoga with tribal dance movements that your body craves and cardio hits. This practice is designed to get you out of your head and into your heart and your body to support you in being your true authentic self. Buti will sculpt your mind, body, and soul. Now, I am sure many of you have read this or a similar description and are wondering ‘Ya, but what does that really mean?’ or ‘What can Buti do for me?’ Well friends let me explain.

Buti can and will change your life. This practice is not about sculpting abs or toning bums, those are just some of the perks. The real purpose of this practice is to connect you with your deepest self, to allow you to release those traumas that you have stored in your body, and support you in being your most authentic self. Many of the aches and pains that we experience in our bodies are actually based on emotions. When we can support the body in releasing the emotions that are being held inside of it we allow space for true healing to occur, and allow our truest selves to emerge. Buti yoga works with the seven fascial planes to heal the body, which allows for the mind to be cleared.The fascia is responsible for holding the body together and so many other incredible things (it is actually the coolest thing ever, but I will save that discussion for my next blog ;)). What can Buti Yoga do for you?Some of you may know that the body will hold external stressors or traumas internally and that these stressors can manifest as tight hips, sore shoulders, sore neck and the list goes on. What many of you may not know is that by manipulating the fascia through Buti Yoga these traumas or stressors can be properly released from the body. Through this practice, we experience those situations in our lives that we could not face for whatever reason and we become emotionally stronger for doing so. The physical body and psyche are linked and when we hold onto unhealthy thought patterns those thought patterns manifest within in the body as pain. Buti allows us to release these unhealthy patterns so that we can make space for new healthy thought patterns that will lead to support our bodies and our needs.

This practice not only connects you to yourself in a way that you never thought possible, it connects you to a whole tribe of empowered women who will offer you nothing but unconditional love and support. The moment you take your first Buti class you join a tribe of bad ass sisters that will have your back through thick and thin. You gain a 24/7 support system. This practice not only allows you to love yourself, but to love and support others, which is truly the greatest gift.