When it comes to the hot new thing in Calgary Yoga, Buti yoga is a labor intensive yoga practice meant to unlock your full potential in both the body and the soul. Buti combines power flow yoga, tribal dance, deep abdominal work and plyometrics into a cardio class that will leave you a sweaty mess, but high on enough endorphins you’ll keep coming back for more.

A misconception of yoga is that it’s not labor intensive, and that you don’t get a good exercise out of the practice. On the contrary, yoga not only improves overall athletic ability but by working the entire body through difficult poses, it actually improves the cardio and circulatory systems along with the respiratory system. Your flexibility and strength increase, and you gain more energy in the everyday life along with a brighter life full of vitality and wellness. The mental improvements of yoga are nothing to scoff at either. Yoga improves focus and reduces stress, creating an environment of calmness for easily better the mental states.

If there’s one thing you can’t call Buti yoga though, it’s calm. “Buti” means “the cure to something that’s been hidden away or kept secret” in Marathi Indian. It’s all about digging deep inside yourself and discovering the true power and potential you have, overcoming fears and weaknesses with the power of movement.

In this Calgary Yoga Class we combine the powerful blend of tribal dance and primal movements, plyometrics, and vinyasa-style yoga. Physically, it’s incredibly challenging but spiritually it’s the ultimate release. Buti yoga unlocks your true potential. It balances our hormones, aligns our chakras and nourishes our endocrine system, all the tribal and high beat movements of Buti yoga.

buti yoga AlbertaBizzie Gold, the celebrity trainer who founded this new practice, Buti Yoga utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique (SST) to get the body moving in a way that efficiently balances the workout. Buti activates all parts of the abdominal muscle groups, not just the outer front part of the core as is the target of most crunches exercises, because the abdomen is actually cylindrical.

Buti classes are extremely fun! The energy in the room is high and the movements are rhythmic, creating a social and upbeat energy to discover and unlock a new you. Buti unleashes the strength you already have inside, just through the amazing flow of the tribal dance-like yoga practices it gets out the potential and works it until you are so amazed and astounded by what you never thought you could accomplish that you keep coming back for more!

With such a high cardio workout you can expect there is amazing results on the body. The explosive movement and killer ab routine create a more muscular frame – that’s just a fact. The amount of work this class puts your body through sculpts shoulder and tones arms, developing the body into one that can withstand the immense routine taught in these classes. Your overall fitness and happiness improves drastically with this class and any skill level and experience in the practice of yoga is necessary.

Buti Yoga Class Alberta

Not suitable for pregnant women in the first trimester, this routine packs a wallop. For everyone else this class is perfect! It helps discover a new side of yourself, puts yourself out there and gain more confidence in an extremely social, upbeat and just generally fun way! Book your class today to experience the much talked about joys of the new Buti yoga and discover yourself today!