Respiratory problems are fairly common and can range anywhere from asthma to the common cold, along with bronchial and sinus issues. Many doctors prescribe different types of remedies to deal with these issues such as antibiotics or asthma medication but have seen such side-effects such as nausea, vomiting, constipation diarrhea, rash, allergic reaction and yeast infection. It’s no wonder why people are lining up to try salt caves.
Salt caves are a natural healing tool with absolutely no adverse side-effects. Salt caves used to be prescribed by doctors before medication and people have recorded unexpected benefits such as improved constipation, insomnia or snoring.

salt cave services AlbertaThe benefits of Salt Therapy were noted in 1843 by Polish doctor Felix Boczkowski. Dr. Boczkowski, a physician at the Wieliczka salt mine, observed a remarkably low incidence of respiratory conditions in salt miners. He formulated that the presence of air in the salt mine, saturated with dry salt particles, had a healing effect on those with respiratory and pulmonary discomforts. His successor set up a spa based on these observations. During WWII, Dr. Karl Hermann Spannagel noticed improvements in the health of his patients as they hid in the Kluterthöhle karst salt cave in Germany to escape heavy bombing. Dr. Spannagel noted that while staying in the cave patient’s coughing had subsided and those with respiratory discomfort breathed more easily.

Salt Cave Medication Alberta

Ever since the Kluterthöhle karst salt cave has continued to be used for the medical treatment of respiratory diseases. Underground treatment in salt caves was the only method available until, in 1987, a new technique was developed in Russia. The first Speleochambers, or Salt Rooms, were constructed using mined salt rock from deep underground, hewn into blocks. These Salt Rooms recreated the microclimate of a salt cave in an above ground clinic.

Salt is naturally an antihistamine, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and those experiencing any kind of respiratory difficulties are urged to try salt therapy. A drug free therapy with no risks is a great alternative to those who might not be eager to use prescription medicine!

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