Maybe you have seen a video about Buti yoga, or know someone who practices Buti, but you still don’t get all the hype. And you are thinking “why should I do Buti Yoga?” Well friend, let me tell ya.

Buti supports you in letting go of all the things that hold you down. The things that hold you back, hold you hostage. When you can release these things, or clear these blockages you begin to see the real, true, beautiful you. Through this practice, you will connect with yourself. You will connect with your heart, your head, and your soul. With each day, with each moment that you spend on your mat the connection that you build with yourself will grow. This connection with the self will continue to blossom until one day you find yourself saying ‘no’ to something that you normally would have said ‘yes’ to, even though you didn’t have the time or doing it would be at the expensive of yourself or it was something that you did not want to do.

You stand up for yourself in a moment that you would have normally let someone walk all over you. You begin living your authentic life. This is why you should try Buti. This connect, this growth is why you should try this practice. The long lean muscles are a bonus and an aside to what you will gain on the inside. You will gain strength, physical and mental. You will gain confidence in yourself and your abilities. You will gain a connection with yourself on the purest and most uninhibited level.

buti yoga lesson Alberta

Why should you try Buti? You should try it because the moment you step into your first Buti class you join a tribe of supportive women, who will hold you when you are down and celebrate you when you are high. No judgement. No negativity. All the good vibes. All the time.

So, again, why should you try Buti yoga? You should try Buti yoga for you. To heal you. To protect you. To connect to yourself. You are fierce. You are powerful. You are fire.

Buti Yoga Alberta

Buti is something that is meant to be felt. Join me, or one of my many talented buti sisters and experience this practice for yourself. Hold yourself with grace and ease, Buti Yoga, and yoga, in general, is more about where you are mentally then where you are physically. This practice will challenge you, and that can be scary, but trust in yourself. You are stronger then you think. You are stronger then you know. I promise if you follow your heart it will take you where you need to go.

Trust this practice. Trust the journey. Trust yourself.

Peace and love


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