In today’s world, stress is just a normal part of living life and working hard. We can get stressed by anything from an important meeting at work to choosing what to eat for breakfast. Stress follows us, but it doesn’t have to linger. There are so many options on how to manage stress, yoga being one of the most popular of the bunch. Here at the joy and Wellness center we offer a specific class just to ease the stress in your life, and to help find a reprieve from the intensity of the world.

yoga session CalgaryCalgary Yoga has always been a favourite for managing stress, being both mentally helpful and physically healthy. The health benefits that come from the physical movements are numerous and thorough. Yoga improves cardio, respiratory, and circulatory health, creating a body which functions at a higher capacity than normal. It also helps build muscle along with improves flexibility and increased energy reserves, giving you an extra edge and to keep you moving longer. It improves upon athletic ability and eases pain in the body after strenuous activity, as well as prepare you for further physical activity free from pain. The mental effects of yoga are just as numerous and just as helpful. The calmness of the practice helps create a calmness in the mind which brings a clarity to the practicer as well as, and the focus of this blog, reduce stress.

To reduce stress in yoga we combine postures that increase your heart rate and engage your muscles with meditation and relaxation. The focus of stress relief yoga is the pranayama, also known as breath work. Controlling the breathing into slow, deep breaths helps you find control of your body as well as your mind. The quiet and patient atmosphere lends itself to your body and helps slowly release the tension from your muscles as well as the greatest muscle that we all wish would just stop thinking sometimes; the brain. The key to stress relief is clearing the mind and finding the quiet in the chaos. It can be difficult, certainly, but this class specialises in bringing you the greatest amount of success in calming your mind than any other yoga class, though those too will bring you a certain amount of stress relief.

Yoga Benefits Alberta

Easy to engage with, we recommend this class for everyone, with a particular recommendation to those who suffer constant stress. Modifications will be offered, props used, and students are encouraged to individualize their practice while being led in a group setting. The reason for this class is to have you feeling happy and healthy when you leave. To feel relaxed and ready to take on the world, this class gives you all the tools to ease the discomfort within your mind and find the center you can use to face any challenge on the road ahead. Book your next Yoga Class in Calgary at the Joy and Vitality Centre and enter a world of serenity.