Yoga is one of the most popular ways to stay happy and healthy, and the popularity just keeps growing. With millions of people joining the practice every day there are a lot of myths about yoga that might keep you from joining them.

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1. Yoga is only about stretching

The most common misconception is that the only thing yoga has to offer is the physical routine. In actuality, yoga is a way of life. The word yoga means union- the union of body, mind, spirit, breath, and environment. Yoga is heralded as a total path of liberation by the Vedic and yogic thought, the classic eight limbs of yoga being social behaviour, personal observances, mind-body integration exercises, breathing techniques, focusing of the senses, mastery of attention and intention, meditation, and experience of pure awareness as enumerated by the great yogic sage Patanjali. It’s a comprehensive and all-inclusive worldview and is not limited to the light work-out we often see it attributed.

2. You have to be in shape to do it

Watching flexible and fit yogis in the middle of asana – yoga poses we see associate with stretching – can make you think that if you aren’t in peak physical condition then you can’t do yoga but nothing could be farther from the truth; the athletic build is because of the yoga, not the other way around. Yoga can build your strength, flexibility, balance, and overall fitness true, but any body type can benefit from yoga no matter how your body is. Yoga is meant to adapt to you, not the other way around.

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3. Only for women

Though the popularity of yoga among women is grand it actually has its roots in being an exclusively male practice. In ancient India, the origins of yoga, it was purely practiced by men but with the arrival in the west has cultivated a rather large following of female yogis. Regardless of its history yoga can benefit everyone and is not a gender-specific practice.

4. Accessibility

Again, so many think of yoga as purely the strenuous physical activity we often see around us but in actuality yoga is malleable. No matter your physical condition or lifestyle yoga can change to fit you. There are numerous types of yoga each with a unique take on the teachings of yoga, and you can always find something that fits you.

5. Just a fad

The popularity of yoga has buoyed it into being a recognizable practice but many take this as an indication that yoga will eventually die as all trends do, but this is not the case. Yoga is ageless, already centuries old the practice survives because, simply, it works. In every facet of the tradition holds the test of time because the results aren’t faked. The benefits of yoga are far reaching and can completely change someone’s physical state and frame of mind.

Don’t let these misconceptions stop you practice yoga! Book a session today and enjoy its benefits.