Whether you’re thinking about how to do yoga or you’re a brand new yogi, your practices may look quite different from the normal poses. Fortunately, the underlying principles of yoga are more important, the forms and those principles are the same for everyone, notwithstanding your size or experience. According to Gary Kraftsow, founding director of the American Viniyoga Institute and author of several books “when you’re doing yoga, the first step is to assess what is harmless and possible in each of the yoga movements then you can build upon that base”

Healing Yoga Lesson Calgary

As a new yogi you may lack the self-confidence to do yoga, you don’t have to! To do yoga, no matter your size, all you have to do is to face your fears. Yoga can do much more than providing you with physical strength; it also aids to heal emotional wounds. One of the most powerful limitations to starting yoga practices can be your own fear. Much of yoga’s healing power is rooted in its ability to nourish self-confidence and help you see your potential and overcome a sense that you’re limited.

yoga session AlbertaFeelings of anxiety and depressions tend to ease as you get in touch with your body in a curious in giving way and as you see yourself making you start to accept yourself the way you are, appreciating what your body can do. Apparently, as a spiritual tradition which provides the medium for you to connect with the divine, yoga can help you recognize that you’re more than just your body. To start yoga, you don’t need to drop weight before you start yoga, so as to feel more confident, you don’t have to touch your toes and you don’t have to be flexible. All you need is body positivism.

Body positivism is a movement that encourages people to accept themselves as they are and possess the belief they are capable of achieving their goals without needing to change anything about them first. As Powell et al have discovered, you don’t have to let physical size to end your yoga career or limit you from developing one even if you’ve never practiced it before. Yoga’s malleability is infinite and when adapted can benefit everyone from the young, fit and even fat people. According to a medical research at Oregon health and science university “older adults and people with multiple sclerosis who participated in a weekly yoga class and home practices for six months showed significant improvement in measures of fatigue compared to a control group that didn’t practices yoga”

According to Dianne Neumark-sztainer, a professor at the University of a Minnesota School of public health and a certified yoga teacher agrees that yoga can be a vehicle for improving self-image.

“There is some research that suggests that individuals practicing yoga are more aware of their bodies and less likely to objectify their bodies,” she said.

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